Monday, September 13, 2010

Personalized Gifts For Your Loved Ones | Sophia's Style

While in college, I nannyed for a family with five children, and the youngest one was a little girl named Madeline who was only two months old when I started.  Her mother had of course received lots of gifts when Maddie was born, and amoung them were two particularly precious things:  a blanket with Madeline's name embroidered in one corner, and a pink sleeper with her name embroidered on the chest.  It turns out, these were gifts from Maddie's godmother, and she'd had them made for each of the children in the family.  Maddie's mom told me they'd use the sleeper until Maddie outgrew it, and then she wanted to save it with Maddie's scrapbook.  All of the kids were still using their special blankets with their names on them; even the ten-year-old. 
It really does mean a lot to new Mothers and Fathers to received personalized baby gifts and personalized baby clothes.  It's also good for older kids because personalized kids clothes help children learn to recognize letters and sound out words. 
Adding embroidery to gifts is a great way to make standard presents extra special, so if you're shopping for a baby shower gift of a birthday present, make sure you consider it! 

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