Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Adorable Sweet Kids Dresses at Sophias Style

Sweet Kids Dresses
Sweet Kids Dresses

Sophias Style has been carrying Sweet Kids dresses and Sweet Kids boleros and other accessories for a while now, and this brand seriously never misses.  Everytime we get a new style of Sweet Kids flower girl dress, it's stunning and beautifully made.

I especially love the Sweet Kids girls dress in the photo to the left, because it's similar to a dress Sarah Jessica Parker wore, and that lady has fantastic style.  Also, the tiered layers remind me of flower petals, and it's a style that would look gorgeous on any girl at any age. 

Today is the first day of Lent!  That means spring is seriously on it's way, because Lent preceeds Easter and Easter is a holiday filled with Springtime things like bunnies and eggs and flowers.  Also my cat, Jude, was born around Easter last year, which means he's approximately one year old.  Jude is the first pet I've had on my own, and I've managed to keep him alive, healthy and happy for a full year.  Success! 

Does your family practice any sort of tradition for Lent?  Are you going to give anything up for Lent? 

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