Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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Rare Editions Dresses
Rare Editions Dresses
I think we've just about reached the end of cold weather in Omaha.  We've had what feels like a final snowstorm over the past few days.  The temperatures are staying between 32 and 45 degrees during the day, and the most of the snow is melting as it hits the ground.  I. Am. So. Ready. For. Warm. Weather.  I honestly resented being forced to pull my winter clothes back out of the dark closet corners to which I'd prematurely banished them a couple weeks ago when it was 60 degrees outside.  But that's the thing about weather in Nebraska, it taunts you with sunshine and clear skies all spring long, but as soon as you start to trust it, BAM!  The next day you cheerily step outside in a light floral blouse, only to discover big, wet snowflakes falling like confetti all around you, and you have to run shivering and grumbling back inside to change. 

In spite of our lame weather, Sophias Style has been optimistically posting new spring dresses and outfits daily, and we're too excited about these Rare Editions infant dresses and Rare Editions toddler dresses to be discouraged by a bit of unseasonable precipitation!  Our customers need to be alerted to and cheered up by all the fun girls fashion we've got in store for them this spring!  If your little girl loves warm weather, you ought to find her the perfect Rare Editions dress from SophiasStyle.com today, so she can look forward to wearing it tomorrow. 

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