Thursday, March 03, 2011

Little Girls Clothing | Sophias Style

Little Girls Clothing
Little Girls Clothing
Things I used to despise, but now love:

When rompers first started showing up on runways, I was not excited.  I thought Marc Jacobs had gone mad (well, madder).  When they started showing up in stores, I was flabbergasted.  However, after about a month of seeing them styled and sported by every fashion blogger under the sun, I changed my mind and bought one.  Now I love them. 

Strangely enough, rompers are one of the few clothing items that seems to have started out in the little girls clothing world and worked their way up to women's fashion.  They're so childlike, and yet they can be so charming on older girls and women as well.  Plus, they're comfortable, and so much fun to style.  All you need is a cute pair of platforms, some great sunglasses and/or a silk scarf.  For the romper featured to the right (which is actually came from Sophias Style's cute baby girls clothes, so sadly us ladies can't get them in our sizes), I would also add a red patent waist belt.  Perfect for summer. 

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