Monday, May 28, 2007

Girls Hair Accessories for Every Occasion

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My 2-year old daughter has beautiful brown hair, so full of ringlet curls that strangers stop to compliment it. If only they knew the wild mess of a mane that she wakes up with (and that I have to tame) every morning. Every hair type has its challenges. After all, those with straight hair want curly and those with curly want straight. No matter what type of hair your little girl has, it can be managed beautifully with right hair accessories and products.

Curly hair (like my daughter’s), can be controlled by using a tiny amount of baby oil in the hair while it is still wet. Don’t use too much or her hair will look greasy and unclean. One of the great things about curly hair is how well it holds hair accessories. You can pull bangs back and to the side using barrettes, clippies, and adorable little bows. While it is important to find hair accessories (especially ponytail holders) that don’t slip, it seems more practical to most mother’s to find accessories that are easy to put back in. Any determined little girl will remove her hair accessory in the car and mom needs to be able to put it back in her daughter’s hair quickly so that she can forget about it again and hopefully leave it be for awhile.
Mother’s with daughters with fine, straight hair have the opposite complaint. Hair accessories just won’t stay put and seem to slip out the moment you have them perfectly placed. A tiny bit of mouse or gel will help with keeping barrettes and clippies where you put them. You might also try braiding the hair at night for added texture. Another option is styling your daughter’s hair in a ponytail and accompanying the ponytail holder with a matching barrette or clippy. Headbands and hairbands also tend to work well on little girls with fine hair.
No matter the type of hair that your daughter has, every mother wants it to look beautiful. The right hair accessory can do just that and are a mother’ best friend when it comes to hair maintenance. There are great hair accessories available for every plausible occasion and that will work with every hair type…if you know all of the tricks.
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