Friday, October 16, 2009

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Gift giving is good for the soul. I love seeing a person’s eyes light up and their mouth break into a smile when they open a gift that I put a lot of thought and care into giving them. There is truly something magical and heartwarming about that feeling.

Although the end result is great, sometimes it can be a long and frustrating process finding that unique and meaningful (but still affordable) gift. Nowadays little girls can be especially hard to shop for. Children today have so many toys and gadgets that they all seem to run together and many of them never even get used. My advice on gift ideas for girls is to keep it simple! These days simplicity can be a novel concept – we are so used to our complicated, busy lives and little girls are no different!

Instead of another new gizmo that is just like everything else she already has, consider a gift that is useful and beautiful, like this polka-dot piggy bank from It’s a great decoration for her room and you can help her learn the value and importance of saving.

Books also make great gifts for little girls (or boys!) These personalized musical books from have a place to insert a picture of the child and it plays music while you read. She’ll never have another book like it! Sharing a story together will create more memories than any cell phone or video game ever could.

Who is hardest to shop for on your list? Share your thoughts!

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