Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time Management Tip for Moms | Delegate Your To Do List

Yes, this is a children's clothing fashion blog, but my guess is that most people reading this are Moms. As a stay at home mom of 2, a wife, a runner, and a business owner (of Sophias Style Children's Clothing Boutique), I have to manage my time in order to get everything done in a very short 24 hour period (and I often struggle with this). However, I have come up with a few strategies for time management, perfect for all you busy, busy moms.

Delegate. And let me add, delegate the things you HATE to do (laundry, for me). Who do you delegate laundry to? Well, I found a great answer: the babysitter. Seriously. My husband and I have a babysitter once a week for a much needed 'date night.' The sitter puts them to bed by 8, and we don't get home until 10. That leaves 2 whole hours for a 'Sitter To Do' list (rather than the male dreaded 'Honey To Do' list), which includes a laundry list (ha!) of some of those 'To Do's' I just can't get to. Here are some great To Do ideas for your sitter:
  • Fold and put away laundry
  • Run dishwasher, and empty
  • Sweep and 'pick up' kitchen
  • Wrap presents
Now, there is one caveat I need to warn you about if you choose to delegate some of your Mom responsibilities...But I don't have time for that right now. You will have to wait for my next post!

Do you let your sitter help around the house? Do you pay extra for this? What are some of the things they help you with? Please share your tips and ideas!

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  1. I think that I need your babysitter! ;)