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Halloween Costumes, Make Trick-or-Treating Memories | Sophia's Style

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Here at Sophia's Style, we've been getting new girls halloween costumes and baby girl halloween costumes in, and they're so elaborate and perfect!  It's making me so nostalgic looking at them, I just wish I could be a kid again! 
When I was a kid, Halloween was my favorite holiday!  My elementary school teachers always let us wear our costumes to class for the day, and everyone was so anxious to come up with something really great.  The whole day never felt like school, because everything was so much more fun with a costume on! 
I lived in a very small town, so on Halloween evenings, my friends and I could go trick-or-treating by ourselves.  We knew all the streets and which neighbors were the coolest (i.e. the most likely to give us good candy).  There was one really creepy house, at the end of a block in the old part of town, where all the roads were still unpaved.  It was this little A-frame painted a dull shade of moss green, and the whole yard was sort of ruddy and patchy and overgrown, and the house was set back from the road so far that it was really more like it was emerging from all the trees behind it.  This super old couple lived there, and they must have known that their house was perfect for halloween, because every year they always had the biggest, most decrepit-looking scarecrow sitting in a rocking chair on the porch.  One year, when I was 10, my friends and I got to this house, and we were all standing on the porch, sort of ignoring the scarecrow since we'd all seen him previous years, and right when I reached for the doorbell, the scarecrow jumped up and yelled at us! 
Baby Girls Halloween Costumes
It turned out the old man had decided to wear the scarecrow outfit that year, and none of us had paid enough attention to notice when we were standing right next to him!  He scared the bejeezus out of us, what a clever old man. 
Make sure to check out our collection of girls dress up clothes, we've got great stuff for all ages, and every kid should have a great costume to be excited about on Halloween! 

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