Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pageant Dresses For Your Princess

Pageant Dresses
Children's pageants can be a fun and exciting opportunity for young girls to develop confidence and poise at an early age.  Not everyone realizes that pageants have evolved drastically past the traditional and superficial "beauty contest," and into very well organized programs that specifically target the growth of a number of very important skill sets.  Each catagory of a pageant has a purpose that goes far past the contestant's aesthetic qualities. 

The most basic of pageants normally includes at least one interview portion, a talent competition, and a formal wear competition. 

Pageant Dresses
The interview is, in my opinion, the most useful catagory.  In most cases with older age groups, the interview is done privately with the judges.  Children are scored on their ability to articulate intelligent and well thought-out answers to a variety of questions.  The ability to be confident and cool under interview pressure is a skill that will aid your child enormously in the real world.

The talent competition is a great catagory because it gives your child a chance to perform in front of an audience.  The benefit to having them performing at such a young age is that they will likely be showing off a talent that they are very proud of, so it will be fun for them!  This is a great way to reinforce positive feelings about being in front of large groups at an early age.  Not everyone is a natural born performer, so this provides the chance to put more introverted children in a friendly environment where they can learn that they have no reason to be afraid of an audience, and they can overcome some of their shyness. 

The formal wear competition is perhaps the most fun for little girls because it's basically the greatest game of dress-up they've ever played.  What little girl doesn't love trying on mommy's pretty shoes and jewelry?  Well, in a pageant they get to wear their very own formal outfit!  In the formal wear portion, the children will most likely be asked at least one question on stage, and they'll get to answer while feeling beautiful in their pageant gowns.  This is great for self-esteem and it's excellent practice in public speaking, which is something they will no doubt have to do at some point in their adult life. 

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