Friday, October 22, 2010

15% Off Girls Outerwear! | Sophia's Style

Girls Dress Coats
Kate Mack Girls Dress Coat
 I have some excellent news to report today:  You can have a 15% discount on Sophia's Style outerwear!  Enter COATS1024 at checkout to receive your discount. 

I have some other excellent news to report today:  It's Friday!  And on a vaugely-related note:  I bought leopard print ankle boots yesterday!

"How is that possibly related" you ask?  Well, I'll tell you. 

Girls Dress Coats
Leopard Print Details
 Leopard print is huge this season, so much so that a few of my favorite shopping sites for women's clothing have actually created a category for leopard print clothing and accessories, so you can shop everything they have that involves it on one page.  That's a big deal.  Now, notice that the lovely coat pictured today has... leopard print details!

It's an exceptionally pretty coat in real life, I don't think the photo does it justice.  I love that it's a simple, classic cut, with the beautiful little rosettes and leopard print bows to keep it from looking dull.  It's definitely my favorite piece in our girls dress coats and girls outerwear collection right now. 

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