Friday, October 08, 2010

Girls Clothing Sale!

Girl's Clothes
Girl's Clothes by Greggy Girl
 We have a fantastic sale going on right now at Sophia's Style!  If you spend $99 or more, you get $15 off!  Plus, the shipping is free on all of those orders as well.  So basically, if you purchase $99 worth of girl's clothes, you only have to spend $84 altogether. 
This is my favorite kind of sale.  I actually wait for this kind of email from my favorite clothing websites, and then I order all my basics at once:  new jeans, sweaters, tights, leggings, and undershirts.  All the things I know for sure I'll need and use on a regular basis.  I figure, these are things I'll have to buy eventually, I might as well do it all at once so I can get a discount. 
So, even if there's nothing in particular that you need at this moment, now's definitely the time to stock up on all the little girls clothing, and baby girl clothes you know you're going to need sooner or later. 

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