Friday, October 29, 2010

Sophia's Style Girls Clothing Boutique

Girls Clothing Boutique
Girls Clothing Boutique
 It's Friday, and Halloween weekend!  Did everyone get the Halloween email?  We're running a 20% off promo, so if you enter TREAT at checkout, you get 20% off your whole order!  That's only good until Sunday night, so don't miss out. 
Last night I went to the local Halloween superstore with a friend in search of sparkles and feathers and things to decorate our masks for the masquerade tonight, and it was absolute chaos!  Thank goodness we weren't trying to buy costumes at the last minute. 
Speaking of last minute things, we've officially reached the two month mark for Christmas shopping.  Now's the time to actually get going on it, because these two months will fly by.  But don't start getting stressed out!  Remember, you have the miracle that is the internet at your fingertips!  Start shopping girls clothes online now, get your orders in quickly, and come December all you'll have to do is wrap the presents and deal with Christmas cards. 

Girls Luggage
Girls Luggage
 There's nothing like having full access to a girls clothing boutique right from your living room to take the pressure off the holidays.  Sophia's Style girl's clothing store carries all the pretty holiday clothing you need, and clothes, toys, and accessories that make fabulous gifts! 

Here's one really great gift idea, we're now carrying all this really cute luggage for kids.  They're the perfect size, they're fun, and they won't blend in with everyone else's bags at luggage claim! 

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