Friday, October 15, 2010

Christmas Dresses | Sophia's Style

Christmas Dresses
Christmas Dresses
Halloween is just around the corner, and I am SO EXCITED to get dressed up!  I bought all the supplies I need to make my mask for the masquerade.  There will be lots of glitter and feathers involved, and I have the most beautiful satin champagne colored party dress!

Speaking of beautiful dresses, once Halloween is over, it's going to be time to start shopping for Christmas dresses!  I want something either emerald green or royal blue, and I want it to be velvet.  I'm very into velvet right now, my boyfriend has a black velvet blazer and I've got half a mind to steal it from him. 

Christmas Outfits
Christmas Dress
 I'd also like to steal all of our girls Christmas party dresses at Sophia's Style, but unfortunately they don't come in my size.  That's lucky for you though, because that means you can buy them for all of your gorgeous daughters and neices and granddaughters!  We also have some really pretty girls Christmas outfits, which I like because they're exceptionally unique. 

Now's the time to start shopping for that perfect dress, and they go fast, so don't miss out!

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