Monday, October 18, 2010

Must-Have Shoes for Fall and Winter

Girls Shoes
Pink Patent Boots
 Happy Monday everyone!  I've had three cups of coffee and I get to blog about shoes, it's a good day!  This weekend was glorious, I went to a very fancy party on Friday night, then woke up bright and early on Saturday to go get family picures done at a orchard near my parents' house.  I arrived at 8:10 (only 10 minutes behind schedule, not bad for a Saturday morning), and was greeted by my brother's girlfriend who was wearing a very sparkly piece of jewelry on the most important finger!  She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, and then we got our family pictures taken with her, because she's going to be my sister-in-law!  I'm so excited.  After the pictures we went out to breakfast for a mini-celebration, then my mom, my new sis (Brittany) and I went to see a florist and talk about wedding things.  Brittany has already picked out colors, and I'm thrilled because she has fantastic taste, and she showed me a photo of the style for the bridesmaid dresses- they're going to be beautiful- once again, she has fantastic taste. 

Little Girl Shoes
Beaded Laura Ashley Sneakers
 Anywho, how was everyone else's weekend?  Hopefully great, this fall has been perfect so far, we couldn't ask for better weather in Omaha.  Have you started thinking about late-fall and winter shoes yet?  Your little fashionista is going to be needing some new kicks, and you're in luck, because Sophia's Style has some adorable girls shoes that she's going to love (yes, I'm already day-dreaming about which pairs I'll buy my future neice, because after marriage comes baby in the baby carriage).  Here are my top three Must-Have pairs of little girl shoes:

1.  My first favorite pair are the pink patent lace up boots.  They're bright and fun, and they'll keep her warm while still looking cute and girly.  Plus, over the past four or five years, boots have gone from being a bit of a fashion statement item, to being a wardrobe staple.  The simple design of this pair is classic, and the lace up detail and fun color keeps them for looking boring. 

Girls Shoes
Laura Ashley Maryjanes
 2.  My next favorites are the beaded Laura Ashley sneakers.  Laura Ashley is a designer brand, and those shoes are so pretty and so well made.  They're more fun than regular sneakers, warm enough for winter wear, and unique.  The photo really doesn't do the colors justice, they're even prettier in real life. 

3.  I swore to myself I wouldn't post about anymore black shoes, but this pair of maryjanes by L'Amour is so pretty that I couldn't help it.  I chose this photo because you can really see how nice the interior of the shoes is.  They'll make great winter dress shoes, and because they're black, they'll go with almost any outfit.  They're patent leather, and the little flowers on the straps are super pretty and have tiny rhinestones in the centers. 

You can go directly to the pictured pairs by clicking on their photos, or you can shop girls shoes or baby girl shoes at Sophia's Style and see everything we have in stock.  Have your little girl help pick out her own shoes, it's a fun activity and if you start early, she'll love shopping with you!  My mom and I still shop together, it's our favorite mother-daughter activity. 

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