Thursday, October 28, 2010

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School Uniforms
School Uniforms
Is it just me, or is the skirt in the photo to the left way too pretty to be part of a uniform that's required by school administration?  I thought school administrators were supposed to be cruel and stuffy, they're supposed to despise children and seek to make students' lives as unbearable as possible, and they're certainly not supposed to have good taste.  Looking at that picture, I'm starting to think I've been mislead.  Apparently school administrators don't have bad taste and hate students after all.  That is a seriously cute skirt, I'm tempted to go try it on myself. 

I've actually always thought school uniforms are chic.  There's a Catholic Jr. High school across the street from the University I attended, and I was always a little jealous of how put-together all those kids look in their crisp blazers and plaid knee-length skirts.  Especially because- as much as I love fashion- if you ask me at 7 a.m., I'll tell you I love sleeping more.  I was always dressed in a jumble of sweaters, tights, and boots.  I like to pretend it looked chic, but probably I just looked homeless. 

Anyhow, if your child is lucky enough to be attending a school where they're required to wear a childrens school uniform, then you should check out our kids school uniforms at Sophia's Style. 

Aside from just carrying boutique girls clothing, we also carry a whole lot of uniform clothing- all colors of short and long sleeved polos, a variety of khaki, navy, and black skirts, pants, skorts, jumpers, shorts, and more.  Basically, we carry all the staple uniform items that are required by most schools, so you can find everything your kids need in one place!

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