Monday, September 21, 2009

Brighten Your Wedding Day with Colorful Elements From

As you may know by now, I am busy planning my wedding, so I’ve been reading oodles of wedding magazines over the past few months. I’d like to think I’m pretty up to date with all of the latest bridal trends. In every magazine I open, I see and read about the same thing: COLOR! All the wedding experts assure me that bright hues are the way to go with many elements of a wedding we traditionally assume should be white.

Bridal shoes are a surprising example. White is out, say the experts, and instead wear a fun and colorful set of heels that fit the color scheme of your wedding. Using hot pink flowers in your bouquets? Find a pair of shoes that match for a really interesting look. Plus, buying new shoes that are a different color assures you that you can wear them again. Too many times brides throw those brand new white satin shoes into the back of the closet and never wear them again. The main color in my wedding is silver. I’ve got a pair of silver peep-toe pumps in my closet I’ve only worn once and they’ll make the perfect bridal shoes!

The trend for flower girl dresses has changed too. Traditionally the flower girl is supposed to be dressed head to toe in white – like a miniature version of the bride. But now that brides are encouraged to add colorful elements to their own wardrobe, why should the flower girl dress be any different? Go big and bold with this apple green flowergirl dress from We have flowergirl dresses in every shade of the rainbow so you’re sure to find the color you need! Not feeling quite so daring? Incorporate color in a smaller way with other accessories, such as shoes, a sash or a headband.

I’ll keep you posted on any other great wedding planning tips I find. Only about six months until my big day!

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