Friday, September 25, 2009

The Hunt For An Easter Dress |

With Easter comes the famous egg hunt. I can just picture my children toddling around Grandma’s backyard as fast as their little legs will carry them, in search of brightly colored eggs filled with candy. Once the hunt is over, the sugar rush (and inevitable crash) sets in after they scarf down chocolate candies and marshmallow chicks. Luckily you can avoid the tummy aches and chocolate stains with a little creativity.

For this year’s Easter egg hunt, fill the eggs with prizes like stickers, plastic rings or other small, cheap gifts. A shiny new quarter in her Easter egg is sometimes more exciting than any piece of candy! You can find inexpensive gifts like tiny yo-yos or rubber bouncy balls at your local party store. This will help the kids stay active instead of sitting around eating all afternoon.

One of my friends even had the idea of putting a slip of paper in each egg that was worth a certain point value. At the end of the egg hunt the kids counted up all of their points and then got to pick an item from the prize table that was worth that many points – just like at carnivals or arcades. Just make sure everyone goes home with something at the end of the day.

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