Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fitness, Fun and Fashion For Your Toddler Girl

All of us here at Trendy Girls Fashion Blog love affordable fashions that make our little girls look great. Of course we also realize the importance of feeling great on the inside too. An active lifestyle for you and your little girl is a must. Her toddler years are an ideal age to introduce her to good habits that will promote a healthy and happy life! Here are some fun tips on how moms can help their little girls incorporate fitness with playtime. You’ll spend quality time with your little girl and get your workout in all at the same time!

Jump Rope: Revive this old playground activity and teach your little one how to jump rope. It will be fun and challenging at the same time.

Nature Walk: Enjoy the sights and sounds of a crisp fall day with a nature walk. You’ll get fresh air and quality time together while your little one explores all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Dancing: For those days that are too rainy or cold for outdoor time, turn up your favorite music and dance around the living room! You’ll have a ball just being silly and letting loose. can help your little girl stay fit! We have a large selection of affordable (and adorable) toddler girl clothes (like this pink jogging suit) that are perfect for her active lifestyle. Don’t forget to pick out toddler dresses for when she’s not on the go! No matter what her day brings, will help your little girl be ready for anything.

What are you favorite “girl time” activities? Let us know!

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