Friday, September 04, 2009

Here For the Holidays |

The holidays are a hectic time but as you all know, full of joy and happiness. Christmas to me means time with family and friends, a month of celebrations and of course the kids’ annual Christmas recital at school.

My daughter is so excited to get on stage and sing Christmas carols with her Kindergarten class this year. Her face just lights up at the thought of performing for our family and spreading Christmas cheer. She’s almost more excited for the school Christmas show than Christmas Day itself! Part of her excitement is because this year I’m letting her pick out a Christmas dress from to wear to the pageant.

Our styles are beautiful and our girls Christmas dresses are so affordable that I can easily get her one for the pageant and another for Christmas Day. That’s a relief because she’s having trouble choosing just one! Make this Christmas a beautiful and affordable one with !

What activities do you have planned this holiday season?

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