Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Easy Birthday Decorations Sure To Delight Your Party Guests

Planning for your little girl’s first birthday party is a lot of fun but can be stressful too. You want everything to look great and go smoothly, but it’s hard to throw a big bash when you’ve got a little to chase after! This great idea for birthday decorations will help simplify at least one aspect of your party.

Choose a colorful, decorative plastic bowl to use as a centerpiece at each table. You can use any size you like, or even different sizes at each table for a really interesting look. Next, gather an assortment of colorful wrapping bows to fill the bowls with. You can purchase new bows, or re-use old gift bows if you have them. Anything goes! You can choose different colors to fit any birthday theme or season.

Not only is this project inexpensive, simple, and mess free, but your pint-sized party guests will love playing with all the brightly colored bows! If you’ve ever seen a baby with gift bows, you know it will keep them busy for hours.

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