Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beat Cabin Fever With Her Easter Dress!

I don’t know about you, but all of the kids (and admittedly even some of the adults) here at headquarters are down with a case of cabin fever! After a colossal snowstorm dumped nearly a foot of snow on the area, local schools are closed for the third day in a row. I’ve heard from a lot of moms that the kids are starting to go crazy with boredom. It sounds like it’ll be back to school tomorrow, but who knows how much more snow we’ll get this winter?

We could have a lot more snow days before it’s all over, so it’s great to be prepared to fight the next case of cabin fever. Here are a few “remedies” that will hopefully keep your little trendy girl and her friends occupied and happy!

Dig out your girls Easter dress from last year and encourage your little girl and her friends to put on a fashion show for each other! Line your couch cushions end to end across the living room for an impromptu catwalk and let them strut their stuff! She doesn’t get many opportunities to wear that special occasion or Easter dress anyway, so this is a great time to make some creative use of it. Grab your camera and have Mom, dad or an older sibling be the fashion show photographer for the event. She’s sure to have fun modeling her favorite outfits all at once!

On a snow day kids of all ages love to frolic in the fluffy white stuff – sledding, making snow angels and of course building the perfect snowman. This year, try making your snowman a fashionista snow woman! Decorate her with your little girl’s favorite accessories – think hair bows, headbands, hats or even a stylish handbag. Just use your imagination and have fun.

I hope you have fun making traditional snow day activities more fun, and hopefully this helps cure a little bit of cabin fever. If not, hang in there – spring will be here eventually!

What are some of your favorite snow day activities? We’d love to hear from you!

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