Monday, December 14, 2009

‘Tis the Scarf Season! |

Last night my mother and sister were trying on neck scarves, experimenting with different ways to tie them. It seems like trendy girls of all ages are wearing scarves these days in so many unique ways. Just in time for winter, brings you a how-to on different ways to twist and shape our favorite girls outerwear accessory. Your little trendy girl is sure to love it!

This is the style we are probably most familiar with and it truly lives up to its name. I wear my scarves this way most often! Fold your scarf in half the long way and drape it over your neck. Then simply pull the loose ends through the loop you made and adjust the knot to as tight or as loose around your neck as you’d like. You can never go wrong with this style!

Anything goes with this style! Wrap the scarf around your neck backwards so that the ends are on your back. Then pull each end over the opposite shoulder so it continues to wrap. Keep going until the scarf is at your desired fit and length. The more unstructured the better!

It’s so simple you almost don’t even think about it! Wearing your scarf straight over the neck is always a stylish option.

Happy wrapping, and don’t forget to shop our girls coats for even more fun and fashion!


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