Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Fun After School Activity | SophiasStyle.com

Here’s a fun game you can play with your kids after school. All it takes is a little communication and imagination! When the kids come home after a day at school, ask them to tell you three noteworthy things about their day – such as what was served for lunch in the cafeteria, or if they got a good grade on their homework.

The fun part (and I think your little ones will agree) is that one of these three things is untrue and Mom or Dad has to guess which one it is! This is a game our CEO at SophiasStyle.com plays with her own daughter everyday – she always looks forward to hearing about her day at school and having fun at the same time. Try it with your own kids and see what they come up with!

And don’t forget to prepare them for school with our kids school uniforms at discount prices. You can relax, spend quality time with your children and know that school uniforms don’t have to cost a fortune anymore!

Try this game with your kids and share with us!

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