Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Test Your Newborn Baby’s Reflexes | SophiasStyle.com

Did you know about all of the reflexes that babies are born with? A family friend just had a new baby and we got together last week for dinner to visit their new arrival. Of course I gave little Sarah her birthday gift of new baby clothes from SophiasStyle.com, but the highlight of the evening was when they showed us all of the reflexes that the new baby has. Not only are these reflexes really interesting, but they are completely necessary and help a baby adapt to life’s little challenges. If you’ve got a little newborn at home, try some of these out and test your own baby’s reflexes – you’ll be delighted and amazed!

My favorite was the Stepping Relfex. Her parents held the baby up so her feet were over a flat surface. She started to “walk,” placing one foot in front of the other! Doctors say this reflex disappears after the baby is about 4 months old.

Another interesting reflex is called the Palmer Grasp. If you touch the palm of your baby’s hand, his or her fingers will automatically curl up around your finger and “hold it.” This reflex also explains why it’s so hard to make a baby’s handprints! It usually disappears around 6 months of age.

I think the cutest one was what’s called the Tonic Neck or “Fencing” Reflex. When the baby was on her back and she turned her head to one side, she bent the opposite arm and leg and extended the adjacent arm and leg. Doctors call it the Fencing Reflex because it looks like the baby is in fencing position. On guard!

Have fun with your new little bundle of joy!


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