Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Affordable New Glitz Pageant Gowns for Girls

A great dress for a Fall pageant!
Want the glitz for less? Then check out! Over the top glitz girls pageant dresses typically cost $200-$400. Extravagant little girls pageant dresses are well worth the money, but now you can have the same designer look for a lower price. 

We just started carrying a new brand of pageant dresses for girls called Kalyssta. Each garment features all the beautiful details you’d expect from glitz girl pageant dresses – beading, sequins, shimmer and more – but for a lot less money than what you’d expect. Every dress in their little girls pageant dresses collection is less than $200, so you’ll have money left over for her shoes and other important pageant accessories. 

Our selection of Kalyssta kids pageant dresses come in sizes 4-14 and colors include green, blue, white, purple, pink and more. There is also a wide array of fashionable necklines and cuts to choose from, so her pageant look will truly be as unique as she is!

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