Friday, September 09, 2011

Unique DIY Girls Halloween Costumes from

She'll be a star in this Halloween costume!
It’s a good bet that Mom is involved in some way when planning girls costumes for Halloween. I always looked to my own mother for costume ideas when October rolled around, and over the years she came through with some really memorable girls Halloween costumes for me to wear. She was great at finding everyday clothing that we could transform into a costume with simple accessories. can help spark mom’s creativity this year. Of course our traditional Halloween costumes for girls make it simple and easy to prepare for the big night, but thinking outside the box while shopping our site can be fun too. 

I browsed our Girls Casual Dresses department to find something I could transform into girls dress up clothes. This hot pink and silver coin sequin dress from Lipstik would make a perfect “pop star” costume. Add a pair of glitter tights, tall black boots and a denim jacket if it’s chilly outside. For props include a microphone or headset and she’s an instant star for the day! The best thing is that because the dress, tights, boots and jacket are not actually a costume, they can be easily incorporated into her everyday wardrobe all year round!

A pretty pageant dress costume
Pick up one of our girls pageant dresses and create a “Miss U.S.A” costume. Just add glitter heels or dress shoes, a tiara, long white gloves and a sash made from ribbon. She can wear the pageant dress again for Christmas, a wedding or other special occasion. In 7th grade I actually dressed up in this costume, and I got so many compliments from the kids at school (thanks mom!). Costumes for little girls should be about fun and creativity. It also never hurts to get a great deal on a costume too! Shop and see what you can find.

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