Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Baby Gender Reveal Cake | SophiasStyle.com

Say it with cake!
A new baby trend fast catching on is the Baby Gender Reveal Cake. It’s a fun, simple and exciting way for parents-to-be to announce the gender of the baby to friends and family. The new mommy and daddy simply cut a cake to reveal pink or blue inside. Personally, I’d like my brother and sister-in-law to bake one of these. They’re expecting a baby at the end of this month, but have chosen not to reveal the sex of the baby until his or her arrival day. Luckily I don’t have to wait much longer, but I’ve been dying to know for months – should I buy newborn clothes for girls or boys? 

It’s all very secretive and exciting, even for the parents. The doctor or sonogram technician writes “boy” or “girl” on a slip of paper and seals it in an envelope. Then mommy takes it to the bakery where the baker whips up either a blue or pink confection inside, with gender neutral white or chocolate frosting on the outside.  Mom and dad will be just as surprised as everyone else when they cut the cake!

New born girl clothes at SophiasStyle.com
I’m hoping for a girl because I think newborn baby girl clothes are so much more fun to shop for! The rest of the family is betting that it’s a boy. Of course we’ll all be happy no matter what –we just want a healthy baby. 

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