Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Flower Girl Dresses |

A great fall flower girl dress
The colors of weddings and flower girl dresses for Fall change along with the leaves. For Fall and Winter weddings you are more likely to see rich tones of red, orange, purple or classic black in the bridal party attire. Of course we pay attention to wedding fashion trends, and our Sophias Style flower girl dress inventory reflects that!

Red is always a great choice for a fall wedding. It’s a popular color so there are literally thousands of bridesmaids dress styles, decorations and floral arrangement ideas that incorporate this color scheme. We’re also in on the action with beautiful and affordable flower girl dresses in stunning shades of red.   

This classic red flower girl dress by Sweet Kids is even more stunning in person. It is a beautiful taffeta material that is rich and luxurious to the touch. The charming rosettes create a great detail that isn’t over the top – perfect for a formal church wedding. Since red is also a Christmas color, she can wear the dress again for the holidays. 

Another option is this Kids Dream flowergirl dress in a rich shade of burgundy. It’s still in the same color family but is a bit more understated than bold red. There are also black rosettes on the bodice and a small jeweled pin. This would be a stunning dress for a nighttime wedding – think lots of flowers and candles!

A stunning flower girl dress!
So many choices, such little prices! We carry hundreds of flower girl dresses that are $60 or less, helping to keep your dream wedding well within budget. Shop and see for yourself.

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