Monday, September 12, 2011

Designer Shoes are for Playing Too!

A fun Fall game!
I couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday when I saw people swimming at the outdoor pool in my apartment complex. Here it is, mid-September, and it’s still warm enough for a dip in the water.  It’s evidence that summer is still hanging around, and nothing could make me happier! I’m just hoping next weekend is as hot as this one was so I can get in on the pool party.

Even with summer on the way out, there is still plenty of time for fun outdoor activities. Many games are very simple and impromptu, so your little girl can even play outside in the same girls designer shoes she wears to school. Gather the neighborhood kids for a game of Giant Marbles (a super-sized version of the classic game):

1.      To set up: First collect as many balls as you can (soccer, beach, playground, and basketballs), then make a large circle with rope on grass or chalk on blacktop. Place all the balls into the circle and spread them out a little.
2.      To play: Players use one ball as the shooter (a heavier basketball or soccer ball works well). Standing 10 feet away, players take turns rolling this ball at the pile to try to knock out as many balls as they can without the shooter's going outside the ring. If a player knocks out any balls, he keeps them ("keepsies" in marbles lingo) and gets to go again. When the circle is empty, the player with the most keepsies wins.

Fashionable and functional shoes
This is a game is so much fun that even Moms and Dads may want to join. When you think of little girls designer shoes, you might think of glittery flats or shiny boots – not exactly playground material. But it’s simply not true- at least at Our collection of designer shoes for girls includes sneakers and athletic shoes that are perfect for running, kicking and jumping all day long!

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