Friday, August 27, 2010

Boy's Clothing | Sophia's Style

Boys Clothing
Oh hey, have I ever mentioned that Sophia's Style carries boy's clothing?  Probably not, which makes now a very good time to do it.  We sell boys clothes!  And you should buy them, because- as you can see in the photo to the right- they're very cute, and the days of him allowing you to dress him in cute clothes are numbered.  In a few years he'll hit Jr. High, and then he'll mostly look like a disaster until he gets a girlfriend and she insists he wear things that fit him properly again.  So seize the day!  Shop for baby boy clothes and boys clothes while you still have time! 

Make sure you check out the boys formal wear while you're shopping, every [young] man ought to own a proper suit, and we've got such handsome ones for really low prices- it'd be shame to miss out. 

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