Friday, August 06, 2010

Girls Swimwear, Get It While It's Hot Outside!

Girls Swimwear
It's August, do you know what that means?  It means lots of girls swimwear is on sale at Sophia's Style!  And the stuff that's not on sale is still being sold for way better prices than anywhere else, so come get new suits while it's still hot enough outside to swim. 

I really like these kinda retro ones with the ruffles.  The red is (in my opinion) clearly meant to be worn with absurdly large, white, Jackie O sunglasses.  The other one looks so 60's to me, it's perfect for a barbeque at the lake where there's a dock to jump off of. 

We also have lots of great baby girl swimsuits, so your littlest ones have something to wear as well!  Make sure you remember the sunblock, their delicate skin is easy to burn! 
Swimwear for Girls
Here's a great tip:  If your child has sensitive skin, look for sunblocks that are made with physical blockers, which are listed in the ingredients as zinc oxide.  Zinc oxide isn't absorbed by the skin, it's a natural ingrediant that actually sits on top the skin and physically reflects sun radiation off the face.  Because it isn't absorbed, it's much more gentle and won't cause irritation.

Have lots of fun in the sun while you still can!  And don't forget to check out our swimwear for girls at Sophia's Style!

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