Sunday, August 08, 2010

In your Easter Dress…. Bonnet…. with all the Frills Upon It....

I remember when it was Easter time my mom would say
“there’s the Easter bunny” and I would run to the window AS FAST as I could to see it----
but she would say “oh you just missed it!”

Girls Clothes/dresses/easter bx=Don’t MISS this great sale on darling Easter dresses! Sophia is always thinking ahead of what to wear (she’s been making Christmas gifts lately too shhhh!) Now she is thinking of what little sisters baby Easter dress will look like. Sometimes mom dresses them alike because there are so many sizes available at in girls Easter dresses.

Little sis LOVES to do everything Sophia does even wear the same shoes and bags with matching hats!

Your little one will look beauty FULL in these lovely little Easter dresses that could be a flower girls dress or vice versa!

Remember the gift baskets at it’s a good way to replace that candy!
Easter reminds me of the caterpillar that said
“just when I thought it was all going to end, I turned into a beautiful butterfly!”

Enjoy today but plan for tomorrow,

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