Thursday, August 05, 2010

Looking Suave in Boys School Uniforms

Boys School Uniforms
I spend so much time focusing on all the great girls clothing here at Sophia's Style, it's about time I mentioned the new boys school uniforms we've got in stock!  There are crisp, clean polos in all kinds of rich colors, neat, perfectly pressed khakis, brilliant white button ups, and more.  Whatever his school requirements, we've got the school uniforms for boys he'll need. 
Who doesn't like boys in uniform?  I think they look so smart and classic!  Can't you just picture them; reading Orwell for the first time, daydreaming about recess, making faces at the over-processed cafeteria food? 
We've got all different styles of boys uniform tops- and they're all priced so well, you won't have to be stressed about paying for uniforms on top of school supplies!  And we've also got a great collection of high quality boys uniform pants that will look great and last all year! 
Also, I know a lot of kids think uniforms can be a bit of a drag, because they don't allow much room for personalized style.  One great solution to this problem is to let your kids pick out fun back to school accessories!  We've got this really cool backpack, made by the ever popular Ed Hardy, that will make carrying home books a blast. 

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