Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Personalized Birthday Dresses at Sophia's Style!

Personalized Birthday Dresses

Children get so excited about their birthdays, there's nothing you can do to make too big of deal out of it!  When I was little, I spent the entire month preceeding my birthday counting down the days.  Birthdays were second only to Christmas (which was even more fun because everyone celebrated it and I got to give gifts to my mom and dad).

Here's a great way to help your kids get pumped up about their upcoming birthdays; have them make a calendar a week or two before the big day, and let them mark off each day.  They can have fun decorating their calander and then choosing a place to hang it (like on the front of the refridgerator) where they will be able to see it and reach it everyday!     
Birthday Dress
In order to make your little girl's birthday as special as possible, you should check out our birthday dresses at Sophia's Style!  You can order personalized birthday dresses!  To get a monogrammed birthday dress, just select the size of the dress you want, then check the box that says "Yes, please add embroidery to this order, $8.99," and then you will be allowed to choose the color of thread and font, and write in instructions for what you want it to say and where you want it embroidered! 

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