Sunday, August 29, 2010

Future Leader Finds Boys Christening Outfit in Good Taste

Parents knowing your child will be a future leader and treating him like one go hand in hand. Frogs and snails aside for this special day. Start your son off on the right journey in a boys Baptismal outfit from SophiasStyle.

This reminds me of helping Zach get his first suit when going off to college. Before we started his choices we put him in a thousand dollar suit, to get the feel of future days to come!It helped set his ideals and thoughts in a professional direction.


Sophia makes it easy for you to select Boys Christening outfit with hat, shoes and a personalized blanket for this holy occasion joining the faith of family.

Boys Christening outfit selection is more narrowed down-- makes it easier on everyone.
Don’t forget a special toy or book for the celebration!

Fill your heart and home with leadership qualities.

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