Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leading the Procession....Stealing the Show Flowergirl Dresses

Girls Clothes,flower girl dressesYour little one has the royal privilege of leading the wedding procession down the aisle. This is an awesome responsibility to headline the show in the perfect flower girl dress from Tossing lovely petals prior the procession signifies the elegance and royalty of what is to follow. We all dream of the perfect wedding and mostly a long loving married life together.

Fresh rose petals were used as wedding throws in the middle ages, since they are known to have been used to decorate the bride's hair from very early times.The wedding throw was initially a pagan rite, and grains and seeds were thrown rather than rice, which spread from the orient to the west in the Middle Ages. What people threw would naturally depend on the crops indigenous to the area, and the idea was that the fertility symbolized by the seeds would be passed on to the couple.

Completing the procession of flower Girl dresses with the perfect flower basket, lovely sparkly shoes, head and hair accessories complete the specialness of this important day. And you larger families don’t fight over who will be the flower girl just have all the little girls in the wedding and change the color of the sash and add a flower of the same color to the dress

The baby flower girl dress is also available in all colors and sizes for your lovely day! This will be a grace filled day certain to go down in "one of the funnest days ff my life" book as you grow up.

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