Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Toddler Christmas Dresses | Sophia's Style

Toddler Christmas Dresses
Yeah, it's only August, but it's never too early to look!  Besides, last minute shopping for anything Christmas-related is always a nightmare, so get a jump start.  Also, just so you know, now's the time to catch great sale dresses, like the one pictured to the left- which is so cute, I want to have a grown up version of it made for me.  Here at Sophia's Style Boutique, we've got a great selection of girls clothing, including toddler girl Christmas dresses, so she can look festive when December finally rolls around! 

In the meantime, you'd better enjoy the last bit of summer with her, it'll be cold out before you know it!  Here's a fun outdoor activity idea:

Have her stand on a big sheet of newsprint or other paper, then trace her shadow.  Let her color it using finger paints!  She can make her very own lifesize self portrait!  Dorian Gray would be so jealous!  If you don't want to use paper and paint, just get sidewalk chalk and trace her shadow in the driveway, then she can color it with the other colors. 

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