Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday Dresses | Sophia's Style

Birthday Dresses
Birthday Dresses
We just started carrying House of Wu dresses, and they are absolutely beautiful.  They make the birthday dress featured to the left, isn't it gorgeous?  All of their gowns are stunning, they're incredibly elaborate and detailed - they'd be perfect for pageant gowns

But anyway, we came here to talk about birthday dresses.  I must admit, when I first got this job, I didn't fully understand the whole baby girl birthday dress craze.  I mean, I don't even remember my first few birthdays, and I certainly wasn't worried about what I was wearing to any of them.  However, I started managing our Facebook page, and now I understand.  There is nothing cuter than proud mommies, daddies, and grandparents posting all their adorable little girls birthday photos.  Plus, the photos always look so sweet, with the birthday girl in her infant 1st birthday dress

So, now I say go all out for the baby's first birthday, it means a lot to all of the family members and close friends, and it only happens once. 

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