Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is it spring yet?

Easter Dresses
Easter Dresses
It's too cold outside, I've had enough of winter.  I think we should petition Mother Nature to give us spring early this year.  Have you seen any of the spring collections yet?  I have, because the fashion world is silly and operates a full season in advance and I'm a silly fashion lover, so I'm stuck in the same crazy schedule.  But let me tell you, spring is definitely worth looking forward to this year. 

Due to the fact that I'm hoping to alter time and physics by thinking about spring so much that we get fast forwarded to it, I'm going to talk about Easter dresses today!  I love this little girls Easter dress to the left especially because of the way the fabric is draped above the hemline and the buttons down the back. 

I really love Easter, when I was a kid I was so into the Easter egg hunts.  My parents/the Easter bunny used to hide those little plastic eggs all over the house for my brother and I to find.  They were all full of jelly beans or change, and it was so much fun to find them, then afterwards open them all up and see what was inside. 

For today I won't bombard you with photos, but we have some extremely cute baby Easter dresses.  I recommend checking them out ;)

Have a great rest of the day, and Happy Thanksgiving! 

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