Tuesday, November 09, 2010

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Girls Sleepwear
Girls Sleepwear
I don't know about everyone else, but all I want to do today is curl up and take a nap.  I don't know why, I went to bed at a very reasonable hour last night, I should be ready to rock today.  Maybe it's because I've been browsing through our girls sleepwear and it all looks so soft and cozy. 

I especially love this red nightgown by Laura Dare.  It looks so pretty, perfect for the holidays, I can just imagine a happy little girl wearing it while sitting on the floor next to the Christmas tree opening up her presents. 
Baby Girl Sleepwear
Also, I really love these black and white houndstooth pajamas by Mad Sky.  They're very pretty, and I found them in the baby girl sleepwear section.  I love the collar and the pink trim, but my favorite part is the design of the top, it's so unique and girly! 

Looking at all the cute pajamas reminds me of how much I loved bedtime stories when I was little (and still to this day).  Both of my parents to me whenever they got a chance, because there was nothing I loved more than stories.  My favorite book was Summer of the Monkeys, by Wilson Rawls.  He also wrote Where the Red Fern Grows- which is beautiful and made me cry.  My dad used to doze off while he was reading, like right in the middle of a sentence, and whenever I woke him up he'd say "I was just resting my eyes!"  Do you read to your kids?  What books are their favorites?

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